Instructor Certification

VENTAJAS Publications LLC was founded by social workers who created the Social Work Licensing exam. We have developed a process for deconstructing items (questions) that is unique to us. For the past thirteen years we have field tested our process during our two day seminars conducted across the country. The increased demand for our seminars has necessitated a new approach for increasing the availability of our unique program.

Ventajas is looking for skilled teachers who want to help their colleagues to pass this high stakes exam. Toward that end we have created a certification program which will allow you to conduct seminars in your jurisdiction, completely supported by Ventajas. We will teach you our method for approaching the exam, and will provide you with the materials appropriate to the level of the exam that your candidates expect to take. This includes both the Seminar Manual, as well as an appropriate content manual. We will remain a resource for you as you plan and conduct your Ventajas Certified Seminars. In order to keep you up to date in the field, Ventajas will provide you with continuing education to maintain your certification. Ventajas anticipates certifying no more than two individuals in each state.

If you are interested in becoming a Ventajas Certified Instructor, please contact us at, or by mail at:

400 Southridge Parkway, Suite A
Culpeper, Virginia 22701

Include a vita and a description of your teaching experience. We will contact you to discuss the possibility of becoming a Certified Ventajas Examination Instructor.

As the need for seminar instruction has grown, Ventajas has been approached by individuals as well as agencies and other groups seeking on-site Examination Preparation Seminars. To fill that need, we have developed a two tiered approach for preparing certified instructors who can teach the Ventajas Method of Exam Preparation.

  1. If you are an agency or perhaps a professional organization that wants to assist staff or members with the best possible exam preparation, Ventajas will help you select and train a presenter in the Ventajas Method. For our two day seminars, we provide all the necessary materials for both the trainer and the exam candidates.  You provide the location, and handle registration and publicity. In order to maintain certification, your trainer will be given the necessary continuing education and will be monitored by Ventajas throughout to assure candidate satisfaction and success.
  2. If you are an individual with teaching experience and an entrepreneurial spirit, apply to become a Certified Ventajas Exam Preparation Instructor. Once approved, we will provide you with the necessary training to become a Ventajas provider.  We will also provide the materials that you need to use in your teaching as well as the materials needed by the exam candidates.  You provide the location, and handle registration and publicity. We will grant you an exclusive contract to provide Ventajas Examination Preparation Seminars in your geographical location.  You will be expected to maintain your certification through the Ventajas continuing education program, and will provide Ventajas with ongoing evaluations of your work.

Interested?  Give us a call at 1-877-793-9267 and we will be glad to discuss the process with you.