MSW Examination

Written by a past Examination Committee Member and a past President and Executive Director of the Association that produces the national licensing examination, the MSW manual is chock full of information for the licensure candidate. It is intended for those who are taking the MSW examination. Part one, The Inside Scoop gives you a brief history of the exam’s development and then teaches you how the examination is constructed. You are shown how to study for the examination and are given strategies for answering the questions. Finally, the scoring process is explained. You will meet Sally and Stu Social Worker who will give you hints as you study and help you to think like the exam creators.

The second part of the manual is targeted content upon which questions may be developed. It gives you an overview of areas of specialization in Social Work. Included are problem populations as well as the tools for their treatment. Also discussed are theories of helping, as well as issues for the profession such as Supervision, Advocacy and Values and Ethics.

In part three, there is a practice examination, an answer key and an explanation of the key that gives you insight into the test makers. A list of suggested readings is provided.

The appendix includes the most current exam outline as well as a list of the Knowledges, Skills and Abilities , upon which the questions are built. This information is vital as you assess the areas where you need to focus your study.