NEW!!! The Art of Taking a Multiple Choice Exam

Written by folks who helped to design the licensure exams, this book answers all the questions you have about solving the puzzle of a multiple choice exam. You learn where the question writers are coming from and how you can “meet them where they are”! In addition you are given hundreds of questions both at the Masters and Clinical level on which to practice your new skills. The understanding encapsulated in this book will give you an inside track as you face this high stakes professional exam.

Since English is not my first language, I didn’t think I could pass the exam. I was nervous and extremely anxious. After working with Ventajas materials and Ms. Goddard, I amazed myself by passing the LCSW exam! Through Ventajas I learned that solid exam-taking strategies work regardless of language barriers!

Ventajas Means Advantages!

Ventajas—Making the Advantage Yours.

Thanks for visiting our website to learn how to make the social work licensing preparation advantage yours! At Ventajas we specialize in YOU by paying attention to your learning style and providing study guides, seminars, tutoring, and exam preparation packages that are specifically geared toward your needs! Our methods for approaching the licensing exams is geared toward lowering anxiety and raising confidence levels by helping participants be prepared to the best of their ability! That’s the advantage Ventajas provides!

What We Offer

Ventajas has a proven process for mastering the social work exams through targeted content and one-on-one coaching.

  • Comprehensive Study Materials for Masters and Clinical Levels
  • Seminars for Small Groups (20 or under)
  • Individual Consultation, Coaching and Tutoring
  • Exam Preparation Packages that include study manuals, assessments, books and one-on-one consulting

Learn From Our Experts

What sets us apart from other licensing prep programs? Ventajas study materials are written by experts who actually wrote and created the exams themselves! You don’t need reams of study content and countless practice exams to prepare. What you need is an inside look at the structure of the exam and strategies that maximize chances of selecting the correct response.

A Personal Approach

At Ventajas, we take a personal approach to your learning by focusing on you and your specific learning style. We take input from you and combine it with your previous test experiences to find out how you fit the profile of the successful exam taker. Then you will know where you personally need to concentrate in order to succeed.

Don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach; get social work exam preparation that is specifically tailored to you.

Professional Affiliations and Endorsements

Ventajas is a consultant to several schools of social work, state agencies, professional associations and social workers across the country. In addition, we are endorsed by former National Exam Committee members, the Virginia Society for Clinical Social Work, and former Presidents of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW-VA).

Cui Bono?

The Latin phrase given to us by the Romans Cui Bono in essence means who benefits from this? As we continue to teach the public ways of sorting out accurate news from opinion, we have to look at why “opinions” seem to get tossed in with facts in the first place. The...

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The Best Kind of Self-Care

When reading admissions applications for master’s level social work students, a common answer to the question why do you want to be a social worker is, to fix other people’s problems. It only takes a few introductory classes and their first year field practicums for...

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The Power of Life Narratives

Everyone’s life has meaning. It’s that thread of meaning that runs throughout their existence which becomes their life narrative. Psychologist Erik Erikson calls this stage of life Generativity vs. Stagnation. He states that when people enter middle adulthood (40s...

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Our Adolescent Society

Stages of development are like building blocks. Mastery of one phase is necessary to create the skills and knowledge needed to move successfully to the next. In this entry, we will look at stage of adolescence to shed light on the trends in our current society....

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