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Specials/New Materials

NEW!!! The Art of Taking a Multiple Choice Exam

Written by folks who helped to design the licensure exams, this book answers all the questions you have about solving the puzzle of a multiple choice exam. You learn where the question writers are coming from and how you can “meet them where they are”! In addition you are given hundreds of questions both at the Masters and Clinical level on which to practice your new skills. The understanding encapsulated in this book will give you an inside track as you face this high stakes professional exam.


Private Practice in a Box

What is “Private Practice in a Box”?

Starting a Private Practice can be an overwhelming endeavor. Meeting all of the licensing, regulatory, managed care/insurance contractual terms, meeting ethical standards and developing a business plan are some of the challenges you will need to manage. “Private Practice in a Box” is designed to give you a huge head start in meeting many of these challenges.

“Private Practice in a Box” – 5 components

  1. Electronic Medical Forms: These are forms that are saved in Word Templates and some PDFs. That means you can’t change the form you can only enter data to fill the form. After you fill in the form you may save the form with a different name for each client in a file or folder and maintain the record electronically.
  2. Fill in the blank forms: These forms are more standard print copies and fill in the blank. These are saved as Word Document, Word 97-2003 Document, Rich Text Format and PDF.
  3. Informational Documents: These documents contain information that may be helpful to your client or to your in structuring your practice.
  4. HIPPA Standards Compliance Self Assessment: As you set up your practice there are HIPPA Privacy and Security standards that require you to develop policy and implementation plans. These matrixes may assist you in organizing your process so you can address the various requirements of developing these policies and plans.
  5. Private Practice Manual: This handy manual first addresses the choice to go into private practice. What do you need to think about as you make this very important decision? There is a chapter on ethics that includes a discussion of boundary crossings and “slippery slope” behaviors to guard against. Finally you have a tabbed compilation of forms that take you from brochures used to introduce your practice to patient forms, and financial forms even the DSM codes most often used in practice. It provides a starting place for you as you design your own individual approach to private practice.

NEW PUBLICATION! Clinical Social Work Source Book

Ventajas Publications is proud to announce the availability of the 2015 edition of the Clinical Social Work Source Book. This expanded book has been written to reflect the new ASWB exam which will incorporate DSM-5 content beginning in July. The DSM section of the book outlines all of the changes you need to understand in terms of structure. The diagnoses are explained. In addition we have included study suggestions for understanding differential diagnostic indicators for ten of the categories most likely to appear on the exam. Each section has practice items (questions) to help you assess your understanding of the differences between diagnoses. The answer key has full explanations.

The Source Book has a whole new updated section on medications. In addition to a listing of the medications, focus is put on side effects. Social Workers are often the ones to spot side effects first and need to know when to refer to the prescribing physician. There are scenarios included to help you understand the best medications for each patient.

The third section of this book deals with theoretical frameworks and you are given a chance to apply each one to a mythical client. One student exclaimed when she studied this section, “I have been doing all these things, and now I know where they come from. It is very exciting!”

The Clinical Social Work Source Book not only brings a depth of understanding for the exam, but it is a valuable resource for the practicing clinician.

VENTAJAS (ADVANTAGE) Examination Premier Package

Ventajas Study Manual
Clinical Source Book OR Social Work Memory Bites
Assessment of Your Social Work Knowledge & Personal Coaching

The Ventajas (Advantage) Examination Premier Package is an excellent collection of National Social Work Examination Study Materials and Services designed for “Making the Advantage Yours”.

These collections of examination preparatory products and services provide you with:

  • essential social work knowledge;
  • state of the art practice questions;
  • the answer and a discussion for each practice question;
  • a personalized assessment of your social work knowledge strength and weaknesses;
  • suggestions and startegies for saving time and focusing your preparatory study, and;
  • proven and effective social work test taking strategies.

The Ventajas (Advantage) Examination Premier Package is for Social Workers who:

  • want to reduce test taking anxieties by practicing on excellent questions;
  • want to directly attack the National Social Work Examination;
  • cannot attend a Ventajas, LLC seminar, but want the same premium products, and;
  • want to organize their study time and focus on specific content.

Personal Coaching Newest Feature of the Premier Package

A very important part of getting ready for this high stakes exam is to access your exam taking strengths as well as your study needs. Each person has different needs. One size does not fit all in exam preparation! As part of your Premier Package, you fill out a form sent to you and return it to Ventajas Publications. Your coach who has been involved with exam development will get on the phone with you and spend an a minimum of an hour helping you to understand what you need to do to prepare and teaching you our system for dealing with items (questions). We will answer any questions that you have. If you need further help, you may call back at any time. We stay with our Premier Package folks until they pass!