Study Manuals

Comprehensive study manuals created by social work professionals involved in the original design and development of the National Social Work Licensing Program.

The author has served as Chairperson of the National Examination Committee, President and Executive Director of the Association responsible for creation of the examination.

  • Targeted Social Work Content
  • Overview of Exam Design and Process
  • Test-taking Strategies
  • Practice Questions and Explanations
  • Tips on Issues that Exam Writers Highlight

I had taken the exam numerous times with no success. Believing that I had been out of graduate school too long and didn’t work in a clinical agency, I gave up on passing… until I took individual tutoring sessions with Ms. Goddard! I passed!

The information on taking the exam (or any exam, for that matter) will be extremely beneficial. I might even be willing to try after reading it… The infusion of humor made some pretty dry material more readable (and consequently more “rememberable”)… The explanations for answers to questions are very helpful. They let the student get the feel of the thought processes of examiners – and that’s the most helpful part of all.

Assistant Professor,

School of Social Work

My upbringing limited the way I processed information. I saw things one way only! After working with Ms. Goddard, I learned how the exam questions were structured. That helped me to broaden my thinking and dissect questions successfully! I am happy to be an LCSW!

Part I demystifies the process of item selection and Part II is a very comprehensive overview of content areas to study for the exam. The writing style is clear, concise, and infused with the author’s light and humorous examples. I wish I had had this book when I studied for and took the exam in 1983.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker,

former Chair of State Licensing Board and former Exam Committee member

You have given a very clear description of the sequence the reader will go through in order to master and use the material. If we know where we are going, the trip is not nearly so arduous… The way the whole process is introduced can be most comforting to one anticipating the grueling experience of preparing for licensure. You help the reader see the process of testing in a realistic, nonthreatening manner… I am finding the manual invaluable in my clinical practice. It reminds me of important material I may have learned but have forgotten and need to remember and use again. It also provides new information which I can begin using.

Licensed Professional Counselor,

Licensed Pastoral Counselor in private practice

The personal coaching I’ve received from Ventajas for my social work exam has helped me put all the pieces together and see the big picture that I’ve been missing. My coach is very sincere in wanting to help her students and there is a grace and generosity in her sharing of knowledge. Not only have I gained knowledge, but I have also received a great deal of encouragement and support throughout the process, which has kept me going. Allow yourself to swim in Ventajas’ knowledge of the social work profession.

Yildiz Marsala

MSW Centreville, Virginia