In February 2019, we wrote a blog titled, The Power of Life’s Narratives. In it, we explored the central thread of meaning that runs throughout everyone’s life…which is their unique narrative or purpose. The major message of that entry was that everyone’s life has meaning. Now we are taking a look at how life is divided into seasons. More importantly, we want to illustrate that experiences in each season offer the opportunity for learning, wisdom, and ultimately joy.

As we progress through our life seasons, we learn what works and what doesn’t. Babies cry because they don’t have language to articulate their needs. As the child grows and develops language; crying is replaced with words. Each season contains learning that ultimately becomes wisdom.

Life has many seasons that encompass a theme that runs throughout it. We think of life as divided into infancy; childhood; adolescence; young adulthood; adulthood; middle-age; and aging. Each season brings new learning. The season we are in, is the most important one, because it is the present. There are countless quotes on the importance of the present time, but two favorites by inspirational writer Louise L. Hay and World Trade Center survivor and writer, Michelle Cruz Rosado are as follows:

“The Point of Power is always in the Present Moment.” – Louise L. Hay

“Instead of bracing yourself for the perils of the unknown, embrace the joy that is here, in your present moment.” – Michelle Cruz Rosado

The experience of the present leads to wisdom. Therefore, each season is important. Whether the season you are in is fun or challenging you choose how to view it. Currently our country is experiencing the coronavirus pandemic, which has caused many changes. These include: financial distress; depression; illness and death; social protocols; fear; and uncertainty. The crisis has also caused people to create imaginative ways to communicate online, work from home, quarantine, and reassess their values. Creativity is enhanced by difficulty.

Our life unfolds in seasons. Learning is acquired through the experiences in each season. Wisdom is acquired through learning. Every stage is critical, but the present is all we have at any given time. Our goal should be to seek the meaning of what we experience in each season. That is called joy! And if you are in the latter seasons of life, joy keeps you youthful!

Until next time…

Frances Goddard, LCDW, BCD
Diane Harvey, LCSW